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Independent Private Investigators


As Surveillance Investigators everything we do must be well documented, in addition to the video or photographs taken durning each investigation which requires either mobile or stationary surveillance.

​We are here to provide you with the facts. Each case is treated discreet and Confidential, whereas all information obtained concerning your Investigation will only be presented to you, or in some cases your attorney upon a written and signed request.

Surveillance Investigators must be well trained in addition to working long hours and have the ability to make quick decisions when needed not to mention staying alert at all times.​ The evidence we gather as Surveillance Investigators is considered to be "HARD EVIDENCE" which most often is used in a court of law, whereas the Investigator(s) responsible often testify their findings on behalf of the client.

Depending on the case when tailing a subject is involved, we often recommend to our clients the importance of at least two investigators rather then just one, however the final decision is that of the client.

No matter what type of case we are working on, our experience in Stationary or Mobile Surveillance and Tailing as well as the different techniques we use from time to time is what makes the end result both credible and factual.